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Very professional, top quality work. Needed a web designer and I am so thankful I chose bobcattexas for the job! Sue definitely knows what she is doing. Does an excellent job building a web design for your business! Caters to what you like and what she knows. Keeps you informed through the whole thing. From everyone at Folmar Drilling thank you again!
Todd Folmar
Folmar Water Well Drilling and Pipe Service

Thank you so much for building our new website!! We have had several websites built by 'large' website companies but you are the first to actually design it specifically for us!! None of the other companies would do it the way "We" wanted it done, but you did not hesitate and we so appreciative and excited!!! Recommend Sue and Bob to everyone needing a website!!
Rita Edwards
Edwards Used Cars

Site rebuild looks great and is working well. We are getting driver applications. Thanks.
Michael Vititow
LVT Trucking

Everything looks good!! Thank you!
Renee Ward
Drilltech, Inc.

Looks great! Thanks!
Don Bell
Bell Brush Busters

Thanks Sue The site rebuild looks great! We appreciate all you do for us.
Frank Treadaway
Altius Poles

Thanks for everything you do. You are a God send!
Jerry Riley
Jerry's Jump Zone

For ten years I made a living at industrial business development often working off of these types of websites in a multitude of uses. Your site is one of the best I have ever seen !!!
William O. Wear (Commenting about LVT site rebuild)
Pearland, Texas

Thanks so much for all you do for us.
Kay Lowery
Secretary, City of Cumby

You are a great webmaster. I was telling my daughter how wonderful it is to work with you - so efficient and prompt with everything. You are a blessing.
Fran Sandin
Greenville Texas

I have worked with on a couple of websites. Bob & Sue are an accommodating team of professionals who are very savvy at what they do. From building & maintaining a great looking website to creating logos from scratch they can’t be beat. I have recommended their profesionalism to many friends
& colleagues & look forward to continued business with them.

Jodi Fry - Superior Windows of Texas
Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas

Sue, that’s just wonderful!! I can’t thank BobcatTexas enough for my wonderful website. So easy to navigate, customers complement me regularly on its design. Even better than that, though is the busines it brings me from across the nation.
Carol Hawkins Studio - Photo Restoration
Austin Texas

Perfect. Thank you so much. You are the best!
City of Lone Oak

I can't thank Bobcat Texas enough for my wonderful web site. So easy to navigate, customers compliment me regularly on its design. Even better than that, though, is the business it brings me from across the nation. Bobcat looked at my business with the eye to helping me see what sets me apart from the rest. They designed a unique and beautiful site which expresses that uniqueness to prospective customers. My site is far better than those of my competitors and does such a good job of representing me that prospective clients see the technical expertise, attention to detail, and artistic ability that I offer. Then they insist that they would trust their precious family heirloom to nobody else. Like my clients, I've learned the hard way that you do get what you pay for - and my business could never be what it is without the wonderful folks at Bobcat Texas. They offer only the highest quality and the best value around. I'd never trust my most valuable advertising asset, my website, to ANY body else!
Carol Hawkins -

It looks wonderful!!!! Fabulous look - bright, fresh, easy to navigate - you did good!
Laurel, Red River Valley Dulcimer Club

People are bragging about the site being easy to navigate. Thank you very much.
Craig Hilliard, Red River ATV Park

You are amazing! Thanks for being so prompt. Blessings, Fran
Fran Sandin, Christian Author

1. Just had a friend complimenting me on our website and ask who did it for us. Their comments "very professional looking". Just thought you need a little "ATABOY" OR ATAGIRL IN THIS CASE......

2. Sue: I am SOOO proud of your progress. After looking at what I have provided to you I will continue to bring you items to complete items I would like to offer. You folks are doing a great job and we are proud we made connections.

3. Merry Christmas Sue! Thanks for all you've done to help us with our website. Website was successful! Orders all done and mailed out for Christmas!

Comments from Phil & Kathy King, Timberwood Handcrafted Designs

Thanks. The page looks awesome!!! Calhoun "lit-up" like a little kid when he saw his picture.
Jerry Riley, Jerry's Jump Zone (commenting on new website page and photographs Sue took for the site)

omg.; You are the bestest thing since sliced bread. Thank you so much.....
Terri R. Phillips -CMIS Practice Manager Lakeside Surgery, P.A.

I like the "What's New" stuff and that the website is clearly marked in red and...... I like that, when I put in, I still got the website. Thanks so very much

Hey, Bob and Sue. This is one of the guys I'm working with on mountain dulcimer music. He sent me a note telling me good job for the and I told him the only good job I did was knowing to trust you two.
Here's his praise:
Hi there!
I just went to the .com site. It is WONDERFUL! Good job!!!!!

Comments on Lone Star State Dulcimer Society website.

Ohhhh I'm liking it. Pretty nice! : >
Cintia Crumley, CCSUD

We certainly have appreciated working with you on this project and are sorry it seems to take us so long to respond to your needs.
Dave Adams, A-1 Custom Trailers

The site is absolutely beautiful. Much more than we expected. Thanks so much for your hard work.
Terri's Texas Salsa

GO GIRL............AWESOME !! LOVE IT !! WOW !! GREAT WORK SUE............
Larry Smith, The College Corner Cafe

Just want you to know I just sat at my computer & cried while I praised the Lord for what you have done with my "CREATIONS"
Mary Powell, Audio Math Lessons

I was impressed by your website and the professional way it looked, that was definitely why I contacted The Branson Nanny Company in the first place. ................
Stan & Amanda Z. Fayetteville, AR.

I am getting so excited about this new marketing tool. This has always been something I knew we should do, but didn't know where to start. Thanks for making it a reality.
Jeanenne Oglesby, Oglesby Properties

I think the page set up looks really neat......Super nice.
Dave Adams, A-1 Custom Trailers

Looks awesome! Thanks.

In a later phone conversation owners told us that they were receiving so many phone calls, after our redesign and SEO of their site, that they couldn't keep up with demand. They have purchased several pieces of new new equipment to handle the increased business. They are thrilled with the new site and with the results.

That was a mess! ... Don't let anyone but me tell you to make any changes ... I'm the owner. My attitude is if it ain't broke don't fix it.
Wanda Vititow, Vititow Trucking

From a phone conversation.
This company had been a client of Bobcat for 4 years. A Vititow employee contracted with a Sulphur Springs web designer to take over the company's 3 websites and change the hosting and domain names from our company to his. 3 months later the other designer had done nothing that he had promised he would do. Additionally he had allowed the company's 4 domain names to expire. Wanda called and asked us to take them back. We were happy to comply and managed to recover their expired domain names. As we say, and prove, time and time again the difference between Bobcat and many other web designers is that we keep our promises!

We since have rebuilt the company's trucking website and performed SEO to update the site to their updated focus and desire to appeal to a more diverse clientele than previously.

.... the South Breeze site looks NICE ....I am really pleased, it is coming along nicely ....... will send you some more notes this week ... thanks ...
Russell Hooper, South Breeze Stables

I really like it all ! The burger is great. The yellow background really makes it pop! .... GOOD JOB SUE!!! ... Keep burning that brain with ideas and I will throw in my 2 cents!!
Larry "Smitty" Smith, The College Corner Cafe

I just pulled up the link and it is great! I really like the slideshow ... I will get the information to you asap as well as new pictures and staff corrections.
Melissa Tarin - Payma, Kuhnel, & Smith, Attorneys at law

Sue & Bob, I just want to let you know how appreciative we are to now have a great web site and you, a wonderful web designer. Dealing with you and our old web designer is like the difference between night and day. Our web site looks so much more professional than what we had with our old provider. You handle things with a hand shake and a smile, not with another invoice for their time. More web designers should take notes from you. Thanks again for a great web site!
Vicki & JR - Shotgun Tattoos

Hi Sue, the website is looking really good!!! ... I'll get some more for you to add, but, so far I am really pleased ... thank you so much.
Susan Chandler - East Texas Caregivers

I have depended on Bob's skills in Linux and other *nix variants for longer than either of us cares to remember. Bob's skills are outstanding, but his work ethic, and personable integrity put him in a category by himself. Bob is a genuine pleasure to work with and he has the patience of Job. When Bob says he can do the job, just check it off the list, because it is done!
Mike Wiley - CTO, Paragon Innovations

Service Category: Linux / *nix Software Development Year first hired: 1984 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

We looked at your new website yesterday. It's AWESOME! We love the format and the way it changes pictures on the home page, etc. There are so many great changes! Thanks! ..... THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! ... for all you've done for the Ramsey's, for Oaks Manor, and the Lord's work! You're a blessing!
David Hardt, Oaks Manor Retreat & Conference Center

Today … I am very honored to tell everyone around this old world, about two very special Friends our Ministry has been blessed to meet, and become Great Friends, and web partners with. These two people have made a wonderful. and beautiful Vision, come true for me and our Ministry for children who suffer.

Together Bob and Sue McClure, of Cumby Texas, took a train wreck of a web site we had, and totally rebuilt the old site. Now I am so Proud and happy, to show the world, our new web site!!!

Bob and Sue work together, and have a company called, Bobcat Open Systems, Inc.

Bob and Sue worked for weeks, non stop, to make a past due Vision happen for us, and the abused children we work to help.

My prayers were answered the very second that I spoke to Bob and Sue…Six long Years of aggravations and false promises, stress… are now over!!!

Now…with Our wonderful new web site…we will be able to touch the World, and show what we are doing to help children who suffer from abuse and neglect.

It takes giving people like Bob and Sue McClure, that make dreams and Hopes come true ... and get us the needed attention we need for our Ministry, and Barefoot’in-Safe House.

Bob and Sue , believe in me, and our ministry, and the Difference that we make…If Anyone out there, ever needs a great wed site designer and engineer , just contact these two Special Friends of ours!!!!

Bob and Sue don’t have to make promises, because “they take care of business”…Both are true Miracle workers, when we needed a miracle the most Check out their web site and see and learn about their great web talents and Web solutions.!!!!!!

Love and Blessings…Always to each of You…You both are both Angels and Great warriors for children who suffer. Prayers….do get answered!!!!!!! Thanks, for being a part of our wonderful Ministry.
Ken Rector- Founder of Barefoot Drums of Houston

You are doing so awesome! I may have to adopt you. Just be home by 10:00 each night and not get in any trouble! :)
Jerry Riley, Jerry's Jump Zone

i don't think i have ever commented on the website since i have had time to really look it. it's actually way cool. i have compliments on it all the time, but just take it for granted i guess. just a formal thank you. yall did a great job..........

did i tell you how AWESOME you are.!! Every time I look at the website...I just sit in awe. I'm not easily amazed and hard to you did a WONDERFUL , STUPENDOUS, OUT OF THIS WORLD job!
Roxie Fresian, Bubba's Home Cookin'

Thanks, Sue! I'm so glad you are helping me--you are a gifted lady! Thanks a million--I appreciate your explanations as I am technically challenged :) .
Fran Sandin

I have a friend that is a computer geek and he said you are really on top of all your sites as far as rankings without paying for add links you would be hard to beat !!!
Ray Williamson, Ray's Striper Fishing Guide & Ray Williamson Tree Service

I Love it. Thanks for all your hard work.
J.W. Burnett, Dynamic Engineering

You did a great job and I recommend you to people all of the time. Thanks for your services.
Jeff Murphy, Premium Supply

Sue, let me start out by complementing on how great of a job you have done you have far succeeded our expectations. It looks really really great...

Thanks for your hard work
Johnny Teel, Baby Cakes

Combined Consumers SUD had been seeking a web designer which would be able to instill a professional approach to our current and/or future customers. We are pleased to announce, the production of your site has been more than words could describe. You have gone above and beyond our company's expectations.

Thank you for your creativity.
Heath McGee, General Manager
Cintia Crumley, Accountant

Our check is in the mail for your great job on the PIMS (Portable Insect Misting Systems) work.
Gene Sullivan, S-Industries

The sign is exactly what I wanted! The colors are great!
Ramy Jisha, DVM
Happy Tails Veterinary Clinic

We love it!...It looks like this will make great business cards.
Ramy Jisha, Remember When Dairy

Oooh, I like it : ) The heart is subtle, not cheesy. Very nice! We could do a stylized outline version for embroidery etc.
Ramy Jisha, Happy Tails Vet Clinic

Wow! You did a great job! The site looks great! I am very excited about the site. Thank you so much, you did a wonderful job. I really like the way that everything looks so natural. It's like I'm looking at something that is really real and really there.
Harrell Hettich, Hettich Farms

I just checked out the new website and I love it, The pictures are great. You have done a wonderful job.
Bette King, Adam's Folly Bed & Biscuit

We think this first year was a huge success, we have been hit with a lot of emails from rally goers that absolutely loved the rally, and no bad complaints.......Thank YOU so much for helping us keep the website straight we couldn't have done it without you. We will be changing to your server as soon as we can....
Sheila Quick, Bikers Adult Rally

You have done such an excellent job for our organization’s web-site. I love the new pages that you have added recently as well. The time involved in creating our unique site has been outstanding, and above and beyond what I could have ever dreamed up. The creativity is superb. You have been so easy to work with and have become such a great friend to me and our organization. We definitely could not have done this without you. You are the best!!!

Thanks a million and I always look forward to what will come out of that creative brain of yours.
Tammy Pearson, Chrysalis House

We are most happy with Sue's building of our website. We could not possibly touch the caliber of her expertise on our site. It's user friendly and easy to navigate around in. Any change if needed, is done in a timely and professional manner. We highly recommend her services!
Pam Thompson, Cumby Telephone Cooperative

Having the web site helped (puppy sales) tremendously! I have had lots and lots of compliments on it too. Thanks so much for all your hard work!
Lisa Gammill, Boondocks Boxers

The Miller Grove Fire Department is very proud of our web site you designed. Your ideas and implemented sub-items have made the site more interesting and appealing. As we continue to convince more of the community that the site can become a focus for many community activities we will be calling on you to assist us. Your quick response to items we need for department sponsored activities has been especially noteworthy (most of the time we are asking for action at the last minute for which we apologize). The number of hits received on the site is most encouraging and we will be working feverishly to expand those hits to actual participation by community members.

Thanks for the dedication and attention to detail, especially as we pressured to get the site on line to promote our annual car show.

Roger Clark, PhD, Miller Grove Volunteer Fire Department

(An email to Bobcat Texas' client Duane Stailey)
I just checked out your new website. It looks great! Very professional and easy to navigate. I look forward to hearing your new CD. Take care.
Miss Lana, Miss Lana's Texicana Music Central

.....they (the 3 sites Bobcat created) are great.....I am very excited about the finished product.

.....I love it the animals are great the cow is too cool.

Brian Bryanson, LCSW

I can't believe what you did with the logo. You're gonna be a big part of our success! It's all good!!!
Vincent Davis, Administration of Entertainment

I've just spent some bit of time with the website. I'm SO impressed with the feel of it all. You're doing a gorgeous job..... Don't think I've told you how VERY lovely the different tops of pages are----the sets of windows. I really LOVE them and think you did a really good job. They give exactly the right feel.
Linda Lowe Thompson

Oh my gosh Sue, I went to ChrysalisHousetexas just to see if I could get to it yet. I LOVE the pages of the butterflies, they are absolutely gorgeous, every one of them. I cannot believe that you did all that. I cannot wait to show everyone tomorrow in our group.
Tammy Pearson, Women Offering Women Support & Chrysalis House

We love it!! Thank you, thank you! Keep up the good job.....Your opinion is important to us!.....Like you know I listen closely to you.....Mini site: wow ! It looks great!
Carl Talmon and Anita Vaake

Just wanted to tell you about a compliment that you received.

Someone that was here at OMCRC the other day said "whoever did your web site did a wonderful job". They mentioned how easy it is to go from one thing to another and how clearly everything was laid out, etc.

It is always so good to hear nice things about your I wanted to pass this along (however, I am sure you hear these things all the time!!).

God bless you two and thank you, once again, SO MUCH!

Ann Ramsey, Oaks Manor Conference & Retreat Center

The site is looking wonderful!! ... THANK YOU!!! ... Thank you so much for your help.
Pete & Ann Ramsey, Oaks Manor Retreat & Conference Center

We received your form for membership and would like to welcome you to the MTM family! We've also been to your impressive website - it is easy to maneuver and has a quick load time - good job!
Jinelle Boyd, My Texas Music

Oh My Gosh!!!!!!! Wonderful Wonderful
Linda Tatum, Alina's grandmother & manager

I have enjoyed very much watching my website come together. You folks are wonderful to work with, and very dependable. I have had nothing but great feedback on my site. I have had booking agents call me personally and tell me how nice that the page is, how easy it is to navigate, and ask who done thesite for me. As you know within the music business the competition is fierce, and the only way to succeed it to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. I wanted to take the time to tell you guys at Bobcat that you have played an important part in helping me to accomplish that. Thank you for all your help, it is nice to know that there are still some folks in this world that take their job seriously and go that extra mile for their clients. Again Thank You for your hard work , believe me it (hasn't gone) unnoticed by me or other industry professionals.
Duane Stailey, Singer/Musician/Songwriter

My web sites are extremely important to my business. My original site desperately needed updating but my (original) web designer had gotten too busy for a small business like mine. They didn't even return my calls. I was totally frustrated. Bobcat took my existing web site & not only GREATLY improved it in a timely manner but designed entirely new pages & helped me to get the best search engine placement possible. Then they created a second web site with a completely different look & feel. The new site is an appropriate approach to other aspects of my business. Bobcat's creativity, personal integrity, & service orientation make them a wonderful value. They are a also a joy to work with. I love you, Bobcat!!
Carol Hawkins, Artist

I'm so excited about having you help me .... I think you're REALLY good and VERY talented and even the best help I've had thus far!!! So I'm VERY pleased. I'm excited about the picture of Lauren. She is way down deep in my heart and pictures mean a lot to me. Thanks soooo much for taking the time to do that .... I appreciate it soooo much. ...You are sooooo good at what you do Bobcat!!!!! When the people see my site...and they see how much better it looks .... I hope they SWITCH to you. I will recommend you HIGHLY!!!! Good....GOOD job. I want to put my comments on your site!!! ... FINALLY I FOUND SOMEONE THAT KNOWS WHAT I WAS WANTING AND COULD DO IT!!!!!!! FABULOUS!!!! AND THEY"RE EVEN REALLY NICE PEOPLE TO BOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!
Connie Painter, Wicked Walkers

What an exceptional job you have done. I can't even begin to tell you how great a job you have done. Everything looks perfect & nothing needs to be changed ... The email address for the fishing guide service is perfect. I just love that. ... I am going to tell everyone I meet about you and your great service.
Ray Williamson, Ray's Striper Fishing Guide Service

I've gotten a show episode on the Outdoor Channel and a show episode on another premiere outdoor show in the past few months. Both producers told me they chose me because I have the best website they have seen. It's imaginative and doesn't look like all the other fishing guide sites.
Ray Williamson, Ray's Striper Fishing Guide Service

The site really looks great! Everyone at the barn thinks that the site is wonderful. I'm impressed. Thanks Bobcat! You are absolutely marvelous.
Doug Smiley, Five Star Farms, Inc.

We love our new design! The movie is great. The site is very clear and easily navigated. You have done beautiful work. Thanks so much!
Sheraton Homes

Looks great! ... Everything looks very nice. ... The pruning essay is fantastic. ... I like the tree animation you created. ... Thanks for working so hard on this.
Ray Williamson, Ray Williamson Tree Service

The site looks wonderful! You have done a great job. ... The pictures you took are great. I can't believe what you could do with them. You even cleaned the mud off (the horses). ... The Little Green Mug logo is great! The buttons are too! ... You've done a fantastic job. ... I like it! I like it! I like it! I like it! And, did I say I like it? ... You go!
Bernard Demars, Green Meadows Standard bred Farm

Thanks for working with me! ... The site is great. ... I'm glad I let you do what you wanted. ... I love it! ... It's great, just great!
Tracy Willaby, Woodstyles Mfg.

Thanks so much. You've done exactly what I wanted. ... Thanks for fixing the animation done by my previous artist. It's much improved.... I appreciate the work you've done.
"Noe Spamme", Author

I like! It's dignified and elegant. Just what I wanted and needed.
Rochelle Gordon, Labor Arbitrator

You know I love it! You worked with me 'til my site was everything I wanted and more! It's better than I had dared hope! I've already steered several referrals your way and won't hesitate to recommend Bobcat to everyone I know.
Jodi Fry, Lotsa Spots Carriage

I love the site. ... It's everything I envisioned and so much more!! ... Feedback from visitors is completely positive .. The rapid success of the site is nothing short of astonishing! ... We're giving the newspaper a run for their money. ... Carol's (Carol Hawkins, artist for the site) artwork is great! ... We're averaging more than 3,000 hits a day. I'm amazed! No other company was willing to take on this challenging project.
Bobby McDonald, Front Porch News

Thank you, Bobcat. The web site looks so much better. You've done a good job. We're very pleased.
Russ Casey, Casey's Corner Self Storage

We are VERY PLEASED with the website and everyone has commented on how nice it looks and works. ...(We) really like the picture that you found for the home page. ... It looks a lot better and brighter than the one we had on there. ... I trust you to make any changes that you see fit to make this website look and operate better. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!
Tammy & Tony Parker, Tony Parker Fishing Guide

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your hard work and the enthusiasm you have shown toward our music and our songs. Thanks a million.
Russ and Cluck Caldwell

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