I have a problem with people who don’t manage their web content. Many years ago, we built a web site for a non-profit organization. Then, a year or two later, the owner asked permission for a friend, maybe a patron, to rebuild the site with the latest whizz-bang Drupal, and still leave it hosted on our server. We reluctantly agreed and let him do his thing. A few years later, the client requested some changes, but could not reach the Drupal expert. We contacted the expert, but he was too busy to do the work. I did some reading up on it and got into the site and found not only was the site full of spam, but the version of Drupal was two major releases out of date and could not be upgraded, at least not without a wizard. And I don’t qualify.

Well, I saved off all the material I could, and punted Drupal. I rebuilt the site using our old, faithful server-side includes and templates, and ultimately upgraded it to HTML 5 standards. Lesson learned.

Another client installed Mediawiki on his server, and, I guess, pretty much let it go. Some time later, I got into the server to fix a problem or something, and discovered his Mediawiki installation was a spam haven, and several revs out of date. I informed him of the state of things and he requested I clean house and install the latest, and I did. This time, I configured it to require owner moderation of all user input.

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