I’m just trying out Plerd as a blogging vehicle. I reviewed a bunch of possibilities over several years. Obviously it wasn’t a pressing need.

The first place everyone turns for blogging is WordPress. I tried that for a time, but found it to be a maintenance headache. Because it is ubiquitous, it’s a favorite target of crackers[^1], and there seems to be no shortage of holes to exploit, especially in the plugins. I doubt that it is because PHP has so many vulnerabilities. I’d more easily believe PHP coders are just lazy about input validation.

I was going to use Blosxom, and while it’s pretty simple to install, the output is underwhelming. To get all the stuff you want it to do, you need to install plugins, many of them, and in the right order. I wasn’t really keen on climbing that learning curve.

I looked at several others, but many of them lacked features I wanted or hadn’t been touched in 5-10 years. I want something that’s still being maintained.

Plerd made the most sense to me. It’s simple, requiring no special processing on the server, creates a static blog not volnerable to cracks by enterprising criminals, and provides RSS links. Its only shortcoming is that there is no mechanism for comments. Well, that’s maybe a plus, because that’s one less target for crackers. Emailing comments works just fine.

Plerd uses one directory (or Dropbox resource) for the source material and another for the document root. To create your content, you use a common text editor in Markdown language, or use a Markdown editor of which there are many for nearly any platform, include mobile devices. Markdown is kind of a simplified HTML. If Plerd is normally set up to run as a daemon, when you upload something to the source directory or modify a file there, Plerd sees it and converts it to HTML and puts it in the doc root.

If I decide to switch to something else, the conversion won’t be too much of a hassle (he said, confidently :-).

[^1]: The media calls them “hackers”. I consider myself a hacker but not a cyber criminal.

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